Kent WA Composite Roof Replacement

Composite Roof Replacment in Kent

This new composite roof was completed last week on a home in Kent. The previous roof was 25 years old and in bad shape. Our homeowner wanted something with some more detail than her old 3-tab roof. She chose to go with CertainTeed Landmark shingles in Georgetown Gray. The end result looked wonderful and she was thrilled with the results.  

home in seattle re-roof

Reroof of home in Seattle

Earlier this week we completed reroofing this brick home in Seattle. The previous roof was over 20 years old and was ready to be replaced.   She chose to replace her roof with CertainTeed Landmark Pro. The homeowner decided to change from a brown colored roof to a granite grey color.

Composite Roof Replacement in Bellevue

Bellevue Composite Roof

This Bellevue roof install was completed yesterday afternoon. Our customer had inherited the house and did not know the condition of the original tile roof and built-in gutters. After getting several estimates he decided that it was time to replace with a composite roof. He chose Landmark TL in Black Walnut and grey PVC built-in gutters.

Kenmore Roof Replacement top

Kenmore Roof Replacement

Last week we completed this composite roof replacement in Kenmore. Our customer previously had a shake roof that was over 20 years old. She chose to change her shake roof with a CertainTeed Landmark Premium in Heather Blend. As with all of our roofs, it featured the Valentine Signature look. This means clean and straight lines, finished detail work and colored flashings. When the …

Roof Replacement in Federal Way

Federal Way Roof Replacement

This project in Federal Way was just completed today! It is what we refer to as a combination roof, meaning that it has both a pitched roof and a flat roof. The flat area on this roof is the front porch overhang. We installed new composition shingles on the pitched roof and PVC on the flat roof.

Edgewood Roof Replacement pierce county final

Edgewood Roof Replacement

We just finished reroofing this beautiful home in Edgewood. Our customer previously had a 25 year old cedar shake roof and wanted to change to an architectural composite. After meeting with our estimator and looking at all of the options the homeowners chose to go with CertainTeed Northgate in Moire Black. As you can see the end results turned our beautifully.

Renton Presidential TL Replacement

We recently completed this beautiful roof replacement in Renton. Our customer chose to upgrade the previous 3 tab roof to Presidential TL. The product color he chose was Shadow Gray. Install took 5 days from start to finish. When all was complete our customer loved the results.

Barn Reroof in Ravensdale

Not only do we reroof houses but also take on other types of roof such as  barns, chicken coups and sheds. We recently reroofed this really tall barn that our customer has been using as a garage. She chose to go with CertainTeed Landmark in Granite Gray. The roof color really complimented the colors of the barn.

Composite Roof on Bainbridge Island

Last week we finished this massive re-roof on Bainbridge Island. There was originally a cedar shake roof on this house. We provided the homeowner with options to replace with new cedar shake or composite. Ultimately she chose to go with Pabco Paramount in Antique Black.

Historic Seattle Home in Ballard

     We love working on historic Seattle homes and understand that preserving the classic look of these homes is very important to our customers. We created these custom cedar gutter edges to give a curved swooping look (also called Asian detail). Instead of the standard metal flashings, our customer chose solid copper flashings. These custom details along with a British …

residential roof replacement woodinville composite

Shake to Composite

     Going from Cedar to Composite is a project we get quite often. However we also get a large number of people that call in who currently have Cedar Shake and are not sure rather to go to a composite or stay with Cedar. Above you will see a transition from Cedar Shake to Composite.

Western Roofing Magazine

   In the March/April edition of the Western Roofing Magazine Valentine Roofing is Featured on the front page.