Seattle Home with Newly Replaced Composite Roof

What are the Benefits of Architectural Shingles?

Seattle Home with Newly Replaced Composite Roof

Composite roofing has become the most common roofing material you see on residential homes, and for good reason. There a numerous reasons you’d want to replace your roof with composite and why it’s become a classic in residential neighborhoods. Architectural comp specifically is versatile, cost-effective, and durable.

There are many forms of Composite roofing including 3-tab, Laminate, and Architectural shingles. 3-tab is made with fiberglass or cellulose in the center and then coated with mineral fillers, asphalt, and a layer of ceramic granules. Each portion is then separated into 3 tabs. Laminate is basically the same as 3-tab, but is 2 times thicker. Architectural, which has proved to be the best type of shingle, is created by applying 2 or more layers of mineral fillers onto a fiberglass mat. These layers overlay to build a textured appearance. Composite is always a great choice in roofing, but Architectural composite is by far the greatest option.

We invest so much time, energy, and hard-earned money into decorating our homes so that they reflect our style. We should be able to do that with our roofs as well, since they are the first thing you see when arriving at your home. Architectural shingles come in a broad assortment of colors, types, and sizes, so finding something that goes well with your home won’t be an issue. Because of their dimensional appearance, Architectural shingles can imitate the look of shake, clay, or slate. This look is for those who like these materials but dislike the maintenance they require. The versatility of these shingles will be a great addition to any home, as there are hundreds of styles to choose from that will accent your homes paint and siding

Architectural shingles are a great investment for the long-haul, as they’re made thick to withstand nature’s elements and last for at least 30 years, proving to be extremely durable and cost-effective. This form of roofing retains heat resulting in a lower electricity bill. Each year you have an architectural roof saves hundreds of dollars towards your utility bill. They’re also manufactured in a way that they won’t chip or crack easily and leave you spending money on repairs to replace them. These shingles don’t just look great on your home, but they’ll save you money in the long run.